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Using 2-sided (duplex) printing
Two-sided printing is available for the HP Color LaserJet 3000dn, 3000dtn, 3600dn,
3800dn, and 3800dtn printers.
The printer can print on both sides of the paper. If the printer is not equipped with automatic 2-sided
printing, see
Manual 2-sided printing
Automatic 2-sided printing
You must specify automatic 2-sided printing options in your software program or in the
printer driver as well in order to print on both sides of the page.
Perform the following steps to use automatic 2-sided printing:
Verify that the printer driver is configured for 2-sided printing. (For instructions, see the online Help
for the printer driver.)
Select the appropriate 2-sided printing options in the printer driver software, including page and
binding orientation.
For certain media types, including transparencies, labels, cardstock, and glossy film, 2-sided
printing is not supported.
For best results, avoid 2-sided printing on rough-textured, heavy-weight paper.
When using 2-sided printing, load pre-printed forms and letterhead into tray 1 face-up with the
bottom edge of the page feeding first. Load preprinted forms and letterhead into tray 2 and tray 3
face-down with the top edge at the back of the tray.
Loading pre-printed forms and letterhead for 2-sided printing is different than
loading for 1-sided printing.
When duplexing, the printer prints on the first side of the page and then moves the page
into the output bin momentarily. The printer then pulls the page back into the printer to print the
second side of the page. Make sure that the page is complete before taking a page from the
output bin. Pulling a page from the bin while the printer is trying to pull the page back into the
printer can cause a jam.
Using 2-sided (duplex) printing