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The embedded Web server provides an interface to the printer that anyone who has a network-
connected computer and a standard Web browser can use. No special software is installed or
configured, but you must have a supported Web browser on your computer. To gain access to the
embedded Web server, type the IP address for the printer in the address line of the browser. (To find
the IP address, print a configuration page. For more information about printing a configuration page,
Using printer information pages
Use the HP embedded Web server for the following tasks:
View printer status information
Determine the remaining life on all supplies and order new ones
View and change tray configurations
View and change the printer control panel menu configuration
View and print internal pages
Set up e-mail notification for certain printer and supplies events
Add or customize links to other Web sites
Select the language in which to display the embedded Web server pages
View and change network configuration
Control access to color printing features (HP Color LaserJet 3000 Series printer only)
View support content that is printer-specific and specific to the current printer state
For a complete explanation of the features and functionality of the embedded Web server, see
the embedded Web server
Other components and utilities
Several software programs are available for Windows and Macintosh users.
Macintosh OS
Software installer — automates the printing system
Online Web registration
PostScript Printer Description files (PPDs) — for use with
the Apple PostScript drivers that come with the Mac OS
The HP Printer Utility—allows you to change printer
settings from a Mac. This utility is supported for Mac OS
X v10.2 and v10.3.
Printer software