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Installing the Softw are
To play back MP3-format audio files and movies with audio on
your CLIÉ handheld using the Audio Adapter, you need to install
Audio Player for Adapter, etc., onto your CLIÉ handheld from the
supplied CD-ROM. You also need to install RealJukebox for Sony
onto your computer from the CD-ROM.
Never install the Audio Player for Adapter application supplied
with this adapter to a CLIÉ handheld with audio playback
capabilities*. Installation of such software will cause the CLIÉ
handheld to
The Audio Adapter provides playback of
MP3-format audio data
and gMovie audio only. Please note that it does not support
ATRAC3-format data, for which MagicGate Memory Stick media is
Be sure the cradle or the USB cable is attached to your CLIÉ
handheld and be sure to connect the CLIÉ handheld to your
computer for HotSync
operation before installing the software. For
information on connecting the cradle or the USB cable to your
computer and on HotSync operation, see the manual that came with
your CLIÉ handheld.
Installation requires a CD-ROM drive. If your computer does not
have a CD-ROM drive, you must attach one before you perform the
following procedure. For information on how to use CD-ROMs, see
the printed or online manual for your computer or CD-ROM drive.
Install the MS Export software supplied with the CLIÉ handheld to
your computer to transfer audio files from your computer to CLIÉ
handheld in addition to following the procedure below.
* PEG-N710C, PEG-N760C (as of September 2001)
Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive on
your computer.
The installer software starts up and the Installation Menu
screen appears.
If the installer software does not start up automatically,
open the CD-ROM window, and double-click the “Setup”
icon (Setup.exe).
Click “Install Audio Adapter system files.”
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