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What you can do w ith the Audio Adapter
Plugging the Audio Adapter into the interface connector of a CLIÉ
handheld allows you to play back audio on CLIÉ handheld
models that have no audio capabilities built in.
If you connect the Audio Adapter to a CLIÉ handheld with
gMovie Ver.1.4 or above installed, you can also play back movies
with sound.
Audio Player for Adapter:
Audio Player for Adapter is a software application that allows
your CLIÉ handheld to play back MP3-format audio data stored
on Memory Stick media. It is contained on the CD-ROM supplied
with this Audio Adapter.
• Never install Audio Player for Adapter supplied with this
adapter on a CLIÉ handheld with audio playback
capabilities*. Installation of such software will cause the
CLIÉ handheld to malfunction.
• The Audio Adapter provides playback of
audio data and gMovie audio sound only. Please note that it
does not support ATRAC3-format data , for which
Memory Stick media is required. For
specifications of the MP3 formatted files available for
playback, see the online manual of Audio Player for
• Some CLIÉ handhelds may be slow to respond when they
are connected to this adapter. This is not malfunction.
PEG-N710C, PEG-N760C (as of September 2001)
CLIÉ handheld models that support the Audio
Adapter PEGA-SA10
Audio Adaptor PEGA-SA10 is supported by PEG-T series only.
The PEG-N and PEG-S series DO NOT support the Audio
Adapter PEGA-SA10.
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