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On the supplied software
Copyright laws prohibit
reproducing the software or the
software manual in whole or in
part, or renting the software
without the permission of the
copyright holder.
In no event will SONY be liable
for any financial damage or loss
of profits, including claims made
by third parties, arising out of
the use of the software supplied
with this player.
In the event a problem occurs
with this software as a result of
defective manufacturing, SONY
will replace it at SONY’s option
or issue a refund. However,
SONY bears no other
The software provided with this
product cannot be used with
equipment other than that which
it is designated for use with.
Please note that, due to
continued efforts to improve
quality, the software
specifications may be changed
without notice.
Sony and the Sony logo, CLIÉ,
the CLIÉ logo, CLIÉ GEAR, the
CLIÉ GEAR logo, Jog Dial,
Memory Stick and Magic Gate
Memory Stick are trademarks of
Sony Corporation.
HotSync and Palm OS are
registered trademarks, and the
HotSync logo and Palm are
trademarks of Palm, Inc. or its
Program © 2001 Sony Corporation,
or its subsidiaries. All rights
Documentation © 2001 Sony
• Microsoft
and Windows
registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation in the
United States and/or other
RealJukebox is trademark of
RealNetworks, Inc..
generic media and gMovie are
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• Adobe
and Acrobat are
trademarks of Adobe Systems
All other trademarks are
trademarks of their respective
Please contact your nearest Sony
dealer regarding the problem you
are experiencing with your Sony
Sony does not support third-
party add-on applications. If
you are having a problem with
a third-party application,
please contact the developer or
publisher of that software.
The illustrations in this manual
may differ from the actual
Explanations in this manual
assume that you are familiar
with basic operations of
. For how to use
your computer and operating
system, please refer to their
respective manuals.
Before using this product, be sure
to read the accompanying End-
User’s License Agreement.
This manual is suitable for devices