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I hear no operation sounds from my CLIÉ handheld.
You will hear no operation sounds (clicking sounds) from
your CLIÉ handheld while Audio Player for Adapter or
gMovie is running. However, you will hear warning and
error sounds from your CLIÉ handheld.
I cannot insert the Memory Stick media.
Insert it in the appropriate direction.
HotSync screen appears on your CLIÉ handheld when pressing
the buttons of Audio Adapter.
Charge the built-in battery in the CLIÉ handheld.
Error display appears while using Audio Player for Adapter or
gMovie application software.
When the battery power is low, these software applications
may not run in order to protect the contents in the memory.
Fully recharge the battery on your CLIÉ handheld and start
it up again.
The remaining power indication in the screen of Audio Player
for Adapter is different from the one in the home screen (main
menu) on your CLIÉ handheld.
This is not malfunction.
I cannot use the Memory Stick media that I have used with
other devices before.
If the Memory Stick media has been formatted on your
computer, back up all files if necessary, and then reformat
the media with the CLIÉ handheld. (See “Operating
Instructions” for more details.)
I cannot use the Audio Adapter for a while after I insert the
Memory Stick media.
If a Memory Stick media containing many music files is
inserted, no operations may be allowed while information is
read from the Memory Stick media. This is not a
malfunction. Wait until either the name of the music piece
appears on the Audio Player window or the Memory Stick
indicator turns off.
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