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Connection with your computer
• Connection abruptly drops.
Connect the AC power adapter to the cradle.
Check the cradle or USB cable and your computer for
appropriate connection.
Make sure the CLIÉ handheld is correctly seated in the
cradle or attached with the USB cable.
• I cannot transfer as many music pieces as expected. (Available
recording time is not long enough.)
The Memory Stick media may have other files occupying its
free space. Delete these files or copy them to a location on
your computer to free up some space for MP3.
• I see the drive but not its contents on my computer after I
connect my CLIÉ handheld to my computer.
Insert the Memory Stick media into your CLIÉ handheld
first, and then connect it to your computer.
• I don’t see the removable media on my computer during
Transfer mode.
Exit the Transfer mode after making sure that the power of
your CLIÉ handheld is ON, and then retry music
• The operation of my CLIÉ handheld is unstable while it is
connected to my computer.
If the cradle or the connection USB cable is connected to
your computer via a USB hub or USB extension cable, the
operation is not guaranteed. Connect the cradle or the
connection USB cable directly to your computer.
• A warning window for device removal appears on the desktop.
Click [OK] and proceed.
Do not tap “Stop” or remove your CLIÉ handheld from the
cradle during Transfer mode.
Be sure to stop the connection via the “Unplug or eject
Hardware” menu in the Windows System tray.
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