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Notes on use
Placement limitations
• To prevent malfunction, do not use or store the adapter in
locations subject to:
Extremely high temperatures
The temperature becomes extremely high in a car that is
parked in the sun or in car with its windows closed during the
summer. Leaving the adapter in a car under these conditions
may cause deformation of the adapter case or malfunction of
the adapter.
Direct sunlight or heat sources
Use or storage of the adapter in direct sunlight, or near a heat
source may cause deformation of the adapter case or
malfunction of the adapter.
Strong vibrations
Strong magnetic fields
– Sand
Protect the adapter from sand in sandy locations such as the
beach. Sand may cause the adapter to malfunction or may
damage it irreparably.
Safety in use
• Do not drop the adapter or subject it to strong
physical shocks.
• Keep the adapter away from TV sets, AM radio receivers, radio
tuners, and other sources of radio interference.
• Prevent the connector of the adapter (or the cord) from
contacting any metal objects which may cause a short circuit.
• Clean the adapter with a soft dry cloth or tissue paper. If the
adapter is badly soiled, moisten a soft cloth with a mild
detergent solution, wring it out well, and use it to wipe the
adapter. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a soft, dry cloth.
• Do not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol, thinner, or
benzine. Use of such solvents may cause deformation of the
adapter case or damage to the finish.
• When using a chemical cleaning cloth, follow the instructions
included with the cloth.
• Use of volatile sprays, such as insect spray, or leaving the
adapter on a rubber or vinyl product may cause deformation of
the adapter case, or the coating to peal off.
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