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Locking the controls (Hold)
To prevent the controls from being accidentally operated when
you carry the player, use the HOLD function.
Slide the HOLD switch of the Audio Adapter to the
HOLD position. (See the illustration below.)
None of the controls on the Audio Adapter will operate.
Even if you set the HOLD switch on the Audio Adapter, you
can still control your CLIÉ handheld with its own buttons.
If you turn off the CLIÉ handheld with the Audio Player for
Adapter activated.
• When you press the
button on the Audio Adapter, it takes
about 3 seconds to start audio playback after turning on the
power. During playback, do not turn off the power as it may
cause a malfunction.
• When you turn on your CLIÉ handheld and use Audio Player
for Adapter, you cannot use the keys of the Audio Apapter
for about 3 seconds after turning on the CLIÉ handheld. This
is not a malfunction.
HOLD switch
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