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Computer operating guidelines, routine
care and shipping preparation
Computer operating guidelines and routine care
Follow these guidelines to properly set up and care for the computer and monitor:
Keep the computer away from excessive moisture, direct sunlight, and extremes of heat and
Operate the computer on a sturdy, level surface. Leave a 10.2-cm (4-inch) clearance on all
vented sides of the computer and above the monitor to permit the required airflow.
Never restrict the airflow into the computer by blocking any vents or air intakes. Do not place the
keyboard, with the keyboard feet down, directly against the front of the desktop unit as this also
restricts airflow.
Never operate the computer with the access panel or any of the expansion card slot covers
Do not stack computers on top of each other or place computers so near each other that they
are subject to each other’s re-circulated or preheated air.
If the computer is to be operated within a separate enclosure, intake and exhaust ventilation
must be provided on the enclosure, and the same operating guidelines listed above will still
Keep liquids away from the computer and keyboard.
Never cover the ventilation slots on the monitor with any type of material.
Install or enable power management functions of the operating system or other software,
including sleep states.
Turn off the computer before you do either of the following:
Wipe the exterior of the computer with a soft, damp cloth as needed. Using cleaning
products may discolor or damage the finish.
Occasionally clean the air vents on all vented sides of the computer. Lint, dust, and other
foreign matter can block the vents and limit the airflow.
Computer operating guidelines and routine care