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Removing or installing an expansion card
The computer has two PCI Express x1 expansion slots, one PCI Express x16 expansion slot, and
one PCI Express x16 expansion slot that is downshifted to a x4 slot.
The PCI Express slots support only low profile cards.
You can install a PCI Express x1, x4, x8, or x16 expansion card in the PCI Express x16 slot.
For dual graphics card configurations, the first (primary) card must be installed in the PCI Express
x16 slot that is NOT downshifted to a x4.
To remove, replace, or add an expansion card:
Remove/disengage any security devices that prohibit opening the computer.
Remove all removable media, such as compact discs or USB flash drives, from the computer.
Turn off the computer properly through the operating system, then turn off any external devices.
Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet and disconnect any external devices.
Regardless of the power-on state, voltage is always present on the system board
as long as the system is plugged into an active AC outlet. You must disconnect the power cord
to avoid damage to the internal components of the computer.
If the computer is on a stand, remove the computer from the stand.
Remove the computer access panel.
Locate the correct vacant expansion socket on the system board and the corresponding
expansion slot on the back of the computer chassis.
Release the slot cover retention latch that secures the slot covers by lifting the green tab on the
latch and rotating the latch to the open position.
Before installing an expansion card, remove the expansion slot cover or the existing expansion
Before removing an installed expansion card, disconnect any cables that may be
attached to the expansion card.
Removing or installing an expansion card