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Languages: Vietnamese
Description:ASUS K31AM-J user’s manual for Vietnam
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Page 10 of 70
ASUS Ḿy t±nh đ̉ b̀n
1 b̀n ph±m
1 chuột
Installation Guide
1 dây ngu¹n
1 sổ hư·ng dÀn lắp đÁt
1 thà b²o h̀nh
(tÅy cḥn)
1 ăngten lưÆng cực (tÅy cḥn)/1 ăngten (tÅy cḥn)
H̀ng hÇa đÇng gÇi
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The illustrated items above are for reference only. Actual product speciÚcations may vary with
di¹erent models.
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