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Description:ASUS D820_D620_BM3CE_BM3CF user’s manual for English
D820MT(BM2CE) / D820SF(BP1CE/SD790) / D620MT(BM2CF) / D620SF(BP1CF/SD580) / BM3CE(MD790) / BM3CF(MD580)
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My speakers produce no sound.
Ensure that you connect your speakers to the Line out port on the front panel
or the rear panel.
Check if your speaker is connected to an electrical source and turned on.
Adjust your speakers’ volume.
Ensure that your computer’s system sounds are not Muted.
±f it is muted, the volume icon is displayed as
. To enable the system
sounds, click
from the Windows notiIcation area, then click
±f it is not muted, click
and drag the slider to adjust the volume.
Connect your speakers to another computer to test if the speakers are
working properly.
The DVD drive cannot read a disc.
Check if the disc is placed with the label side facing up.
Check if the disc is centered in the tray, especially for the discs with
non-standard size or shape.
Check if the disc is scratched or damaged.
The DVD drive eject button is not responding.
On Windows
7, click
On Windows
10, from the Start menu, click
File Explorer
, then click
from the menu.
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting