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Description:ASUS D820_D620_BM3CE_BM3CF user’s manual for English
D820MT(BM2CE) / D820SF(BP1CE/SD790) / D620MT(BM2CF) / D620SF(BP1CF/SD580) / BM3CE(MD790) / BM3CF(MD580)
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The arrow keys on the number key pad are not working.
Check if the Number Lock LED is off. When the Number Lock LED is on,
the keys on the number key pad are used to input numbers only. Press the
Number Lock key to turn the LED off if you want to use the arrow keys on the
number key pad.
No display on the monitor.
Check if the monitor is powered on.
Ensure that your monitor is properly connected to the video output port on
your computer.
±f your computer comes with a discrete graphics card, ensure that you connect
your monitor to a video output port on the discrete graphics card.
Check if any of the pins on the monitor video connector is bent. ±f you discover
bent pins, replace the monitor video connector cable.
Check if your monitor is plugged to a power source properly.
Refer to the documentation that came with your monitor for more
troubleshooting information.
When using multiple monitors, only one monitor has display.
Ensure that the both monitors are powered on.
During POST, only the monitor connected to the VGA port has display. The
dual display function works only under Windows.
When a graphics card is installed on your computer, ensure that you connect
the monitors to the output port on the graphics card.
Check if the multiple displays settings are correct.
My computer cannot detect my USB storage device.
The Irst time you connect your USB storage device to your computer,
Windows automatically installs a driver for it. Wait for a while and go to My
Computer to check if the USB storage device is detected.
Connect your USB storage device to another computer to test if the USB
storage device is broken or malfunctions.
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting