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Description:BM5668/BP5268/BM5268/BM5368 user''s manual(English)
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About this guide
How this guide is organized
This guide contains the following parts:
Chapter 1: System introduction
This chapter gives a general description of the ASUS Desktop PC. The
chapter lists the system features, including introduction on the front and rear
Chapter 2: Getting started
This chapter helps you power up the system and install drivers and utilities
from the Support DVD.
This guide provides general information about the ASUS Desktop PC and
instructions on how to use the Support DVD that comes with the system package.
Do not service this product yourself.
Though the system casing is elaborately designed to protect users from
scratches, be careful with those sharp tips and edges. Put on a pair of gloves
before you remove or replace the system cover.
Unplug this product from the power source when it is left unused for a long
period of time.
Use this product only with the correct voltage as instructed by the
To prevent Ire or electric shock, do not overload power outlets and extension
Warning: Ensure that you replace the battery with a correct type; otherwise, it
may cause an explosion hazard.
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