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Description:ASUS A4321 & A6421 series user’s manual for English
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ASUS All-in-One PC
Safety information
Your ASUS All-in-One PC is designed and tested to meet the latest
standards of safety for information technology equipment. However,
to ensure your safety, it is important that you read the following safety
Setting up your system
Read and follow all instructions in the documentation before you
operate your system.
Do not use this product near water or a heated source such as a
Set up the system on a stable surface.
Openings on the chassis are for ventilation. Do not block or cover
these openings. Ensure that you leave plenty of space around the
system for ventilation. Never insert objects of any kind into the
ventilation openings.
Use this product in environments with ambient temperatures
between 0°C and 40°C.
If you use an extension cord, ensure that the total ampere rating
of the devices plugged into the extension cord does not exceed
its ampere rating.
Care during use
Do not walk on the power cord or allow anything to rest on it.
Do not spill water or any other liquids on your system.
When the system is turned oF, a small amount of electrical
current still remains in the product. Always unplug all power,
modem, and network cables from the power outlets before
cleaning the system.
This manual is suitable for devices