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Description:ASUS A4321 & A6421 series user’s manual for English
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ASUS All-in-One PC
Recovering your system
Using recovery options on your ASUS All-in-One PC allows you to
restore the system to its original state or simply refresh its settings to
help improve performance.
Backup all your data ±les before doing any recovery option on your
ASUS All-in-One PC.
Note down important customized settings such as network settings,
user names, and passwords to avoid data loss.
nsure that your ASUS All-in-One PC is plugged in to a power source
before resetting your system.
Windows® 10 allows you to do any of the following recovery options:
Keep my iles
- This option allows you refresh your ASUS All-in-
One PC without aFecting personal ²les (photos, music, videos,
Using this option, you can restore your ASUS All-in-One PC to its
default settings and delete other installed apps.
Remove everythIng
- This option resets your ASUS All-in-One PC
to its factory settings. You must backup your data before doing
this option.
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