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3 – Preparations
Preparing the power
About the power supply
This unit can be powered by 2 AAA batteries or
USB bus power.
This unit can use AAA alkaline batteries or AAA
nickel metal hydride batteries.
Using AAA batteries
Slide off the battery compartment cover on the
bottom panel of this unit, and insert 2 AAA
batteries into the battery compartment according
to the +/– indications.
When using AAA batteries, set the battery
type so that the unit can accurately display
the remaining battery charge and determine
the necessary minimum remaining charge for
operation. (See “Setting the battery type” on page
Manganese AAA batteries cannot be used.
This unit cannot recharge AAA nickel metal
hydride (NiMH) batteries. Use a commercially-
available battery recharger to recharge NiMH
The included alkaline batteries are provided to
allow confirmation of the unit’s operation, and
are short-lived.
Using USB bus power
Connect this unit and a computer using the
included USB cable as shown in the illustration.
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