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Thank you very much for purchasing the
TASCAM DR-08 Linear PCM Recorder. We hope
that you will enjoy using this recorder for many
years to come. Please read this Owner’s Manual
carefully in order to maximize your use of all the
unit’s features.
Please keep a copy of this manual in a safe place
for future reference. You can also download a
digital copy of this manual from our website
24-bit, 96-kHz linear PCM and MP3 recording
Built-in high-performance stereo microphone
Microphone angle can be changed
Closed for recording interviews and other
situations where the orientation is important
Open for recording music and other situa-
tions where width and stereo image is
Open and rotated for recording meetings and
other situations where sound comes from
multiple directions.
Built-in speaker
Playback speed can be adjusted in a range from
half to double without changing pitch
Automatic starting and stopping possible in
response to input signals
File splitting manually possible (PCM files
Auto gain control and sound enhancement
during recording (REC EQ function)
Manual recording level adjustment possible in
addition to two levels of automatic gain control
Noise cancellation and sound quality
enhancement during playback (PLAY EQ
Stand for tabletop recording
Pre-record function allows recording the 2
seconds before the record button was pressed
Interval repeat playback (A-B repeat)
1 – Introduction
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