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7. Align the holes in the lower hinge bracket to the corresponding holes in
the opposite side of the cabinet bottom. Insert and tighten the screws.
(see Fig. 3)
8. Align the bottom hole on the left side of the door with the pin of the
lower hinge and slide into place.
9. Align the pin of the top hinge with top hole on the left side of the door
and push into place. Replace the screws in the upper hinge bracket but
do not tighten all the way.
10. Make sure the door closes easily but forms a tight seal. Adjust the door
as needed. Once you are satisfied with the door alignment, completely
tighten the upper door hinge screws.
11. Replace the top hinge cover by sliding the hinge cover from front and
press gently on the rear of the hinge cover to lock.
12. If the door does not close properly, refer to the section titled “Door
1.7cu.ft NuCool
Top Hinge
Lower Hinge
Hinge on left side
Screw Hole Plug
Bottom View
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