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Refrigerator Does Not Operate
• Check if refrigerator is plugged in.
• Check if there is power at the AC outlet, by checking the circuit breaker.
Food temperature appears too warm
• Frequent door openings.
• Allow time for recently added warm food to reach fresh food temperature.
• Check gaskets for proper seal.
• Adjust temperature control to colder setting.
Food temperature is too cold
• If temperature control setting is too cold, adjust to a warmer setting
and allow several hours for temperature to adjust.
Moisture build up on interior or exterior of the refrigerator:
• This is normal during high humidity periods.
• Prolonged or frequent door openings.
• Check door gaskets for proper seal.
Refrigerator has an odor:
• Interior needs cleaning.
• Foods improperly wrapped or sealed are giving off odors.
Refrigerator door does not shut properly:
• Level the refrigerator.
• Re-align refrigerator door.
• Check for blockages e.g. food containers, shelves, etc.
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