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Manual Temperature Setting
The temperature range of your wine cellar is between 39ºF (3.9ºC) and 62ºF
(16.7ºC). The temperature may be set anywhere within this range by pressing
pads. The display is in Fahrenheit only.
1. Press the control pad
2. After the beep, press the
pad to increase or decrease the
temperature in increments of one degree. The LED readout will reflect
each change to the temperature setting.
3. Once the desired setting has been reached, press the control panel
Interior Light
(see Fig. 2)
• To complement the look of your wine collection, a soft light has been
built into the wine cellar. Simply push the
pad and the light
comes on, push again to turn off. For maximum energy efficiency,
leave the light off when not viewing your collection.
Please Note:
The light will not activate “ON” if the lock button is
(Type and number of shelves may vary per model)
• The shelves are designed for appearance and easy cleaning. Larger
bottles or Magnums can be more easily accommodated on the cross
shelf at the bottom of the wine cellar (see Fig. 3).
• Shelves #1 through #6 are two position adjustable (see Fig. 3). They
can be set in the back or front position based on your needs or pref-
erences (see Fig. 4).
• It is recommended that for storage of multiple types of wine, that red
wines be kept on shelves #1 through #4, white wines be kept on
shelves #5 through #8, and sparkling wines on shelf #8.
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