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Wine Cellar Features and Use
Initial Setup
1. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet. You will hear a beep, which is normal.
2. Press the
pad on the control panel. The unit will flash the number 56
several times, which is the factory pre-set temperature setting. The display will
then revert to the actual internal temperature.
3. The control panel
will be active. You must press
accessing any of the control pads.
Control Panel (Fig. 2)
Control Panel Settings
The temperature range of the wine cellar is 39ºF (3.9ºC) to 62ºF (16.7ºC). The
LED display shows the actual internal temperature. Your wine cellar, when it is
first turned on, will have a factory setting of 56ºF.
It is normal for the actual temperature to vary slightly during normal
Control Panel Auto-Lock
Your wine cellar has an automatic control panel lock. You may manually acti
vate or deactivate the control panel lock by pressing the control pad
To operate any of the functions on the control panel, press the control pad
before making a selection. The control panel lock will automatically activate if
the control panel is not touched for 15 seconds.
Auto-Red and Auto-White Function
• For the storage of red wines at a temperature of 57ºF (13ºC), press the control
after pressing the control pad
• For the storage of white wines at a temperature of 47ºF (8.3ºC), press the
control pad
after pressing the control pad
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