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Chapter 1
1.1 Overview
The BRC-14VG-BT is a multi-use VPN router equipped with hardware-based VPN function.
The router supports high-speed Internet connection services including FTTH and CATV,
and it utilizes IXP 422-266Mhz network processor from Intel as its CPU to achieve much
faster processing speed than conventional routers.
Its VPN gateway achieves robust
network security, while the product allows you to establish various network resources
including i)Network Attached Storage(NAS) that utilizes a separate USB storage and ii) a
simple real-time image distribution system that uses an option USB camera.
Either the use of a VPN router like the BRC-14VG-BT-BT or access from
multiple PC's may be restricted by some ISP's. Please be sure to carefully
review your ISP's term of use.
ADSL Modem
CATV Cable Modem
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