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4.7 UPnP Configuration
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a standard that easily enables intercommunication
between devices on a network.
UPnP compliant devices can communicate between each
other as they are connected to an existing network.
The product supports UPnP and
provides the following features.
* UPnP is enabled as a factory default condition, and thusly requires no additional
- UPnP compliant OSes (Windows XP and Windows ME) can detect the product.
- The status of the product can be monitored via UPnP compliant OSes (Windows® XP and
Windows® ME), and some of its parameters are also configurable through these OSes.
- PC’s within the LAN attached to the product may access UPnP ready applications such as
Windows® Messenger and MSN® Messenger.
Note that Windows® 98, Windows® 2000 and Macintosh® do not support UPnP.
UPnP functions of the product may not be used under these OSes.
4.7.1 Verifying the UPnP configuration of your computer
Verify that UPnP has been already enabled on your computer.
Windows® XP
1. Click on the [Start] button and then click [Control Panel].
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