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4. [DHCP Settings for LAN Ethernet] window will be displayed.
Enter the range IP
addresses to be assigned, subnet mask and least time.
Click [OK].
[DHCP Server]
Enables DHCP server function
[Start IP Address]
Enter the first IP address to be assigned
[End IP Address]
Enter the last IP address to be assigned
[Subnet Mask]
Enter the subnet mask to be assigned
[Least Time in Minutes]
Enter the expiration period of IP address in minutes
[Provide Host Name If Not Specified by Client]
Host name is automatically assigned if no host name has been assigned to the PC or
network device attached
5. Click [OK].
[IP Address Distribution] window will be displayed again.
6. The DHCP server function setup is now complete.
[IP Address Distribution] window
Click on the
[DHCP Settings for LAN
Ethernet] window
Input values
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