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4.2 NAPT (IP Masquerading)
The router supports NAPT as its routing mode.
NAPT (also known as IP masquerading)
converts multiple private IP addresses to one global IP address.
This function is used
when i)there are multiple PC’s on the LAN side with private IP
address and ii) all the PC’s
need to connect to the Internet via a single global IP address. When NAPT is in use,
multiple private IP addresses (assigned within a LAN) are converted to one global IP
address as a connection to the Internet is established.
Port numbers are converted as
From the Internet side, it appears as if only one PC is connected to the Internet.
*No special configuration is required to use NAPT.
This function is automatically enabled
when the product is in use.
LAN Cable
LAN side IP address
WAN side IP address
The address is always
used to connect to the
Port number is used
to determine which PC in the
LAN needs to connect.
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