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The [Description] field will show the name of the hard disk you are using.
The name
shown in the image above may not match the name that is actually displayed.
4. The following information will be displayed in the [Partitions] section:
[Share Name]
This is the name of shared drive shown in your network.
A share name is automatically
created using i) the host name of the product and ii)the drive letter assigned
The partition format (Windows FAT332, FAT16 or Linux) is displayed.
The current status of the partition is displayed.
When the drive is being formatted, the
format status is shown.
Partitions indicated with the [Available] status are currently
[Total Space]
The volume allocated to the partition is displayed.
[Free Space]
The volume currently available is displayed.
The space in use is equal to [Total Space]
minus [Free Space].
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