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Please Read Before Using the Product
Thank you for your purchase of PCI product.
This document shows you how to use the product properly.
Please keep it in a safe place so that you can view it whenever necessary.
- We are not responsible for genuine economic losses caused by i)external factors including the failure,
malfunction, error, or communication error of the product or power failure or lightening or by ii) the loss of
communication which is caused by third parties’ act of sabotage.
- We are not responsible for economic or mental damages caused by the leakage, alteration or destruction
of communication or maintenance data.
- The product is intended for use in small offices and in the household equipped with broadband
The product may not operate properly if used in a physically or logically huge network or if
used for unusual purposes or in an unusual environment.
- The throughput data shown on the product package is a reference measurement value obtained in our
testing environment and should not be used to guarantee communication performance in your own
networking environment.
Furthermore, the communication performance may improve or deteriorate
without notice after system update.
- The hardware, software and appearance of the product is subject to change without notice.
- The modification or addition of functions via the update file of the internal system software (firmware) is
performed as needed as a part of our customer service.
We do not guarantee on the contents of update
or its schedule.
- Generally, a separate contract with an Internet service provider is required to use public networks
including the Internet.
- Some ISP’s may restrict the number of terminals (computers) that can be connected to the public network
or the Internet, or may charge fees for additional terminals.
Please verify the term of use provided by
your ISP.
- The shipment, configuration, adjustment and installation costs of the product shall be borne by the
- The copyright of this document is exclusively owned by Planex Communications Inc. The act of reprinting
or duplicating this document, either partially or wholly, regardless of the form or means, is strictly forbidden
unless such act is permitted by Planex Communications Inc. in advance.
- Although we pay the closest attention to prepare this document, errors or omission in the document may
Planex Communication Inc. is not responsible for such errors.
- Please contact us should you notice any unclear or incorrect description in the document.
- The document and its content is subject to change without notice.
Notational Convention
In this manual, the product is referred to as “the product”.
Its model number is used when referring to
the specific model number product.
The content of this manual is subject to change without notice.
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