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Broadband DSL/Cable Firewall Router User’s Manual
Broadband Firewall Router Embedded
4-port 10/100Mbps Switch
The Broadband DSL/Cable Firewall Router with embedded
4-port 10/100Mbps Switch features auto-negotiation switch
ports and provides the flexibility to fit into your operational
space and network environment.
This device is built with plug & play, auto-negotiation
supports all ports, half & full-duplex multi-selection, and a
store and forward transmission scheme.
The Broadband DSL/Cable Firewall Router requires the
following network hardware:
UTP cable (Cat.5 Twisted-pair), 10Base-T or
100Base-TX Fast Ethernet.
Prepare twisted-pair cables with RJ-45 plugs. Use
Cat.5 cable for all connections. Make sure the length
of each cable does not exceed 328 feet
(approximately 100 meters).
This manual is suitable for devices