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User-Definable Application Sensing Tunnel
You may define special applications that require multiple connections such
as Internet gaming, video conferencing, and Internet telephony.
The BRL-04EX will then sense the application type and open a multi-port
tunnel for it.
DMZ Hosts Support
Allows a networked computer to be fully exposed to the Internet. This
function is used when the special application sensing tunnel feature is
insufficient to allow an application to function correctly.
The BRL-04EX supports security features that deny Internet access to
specified users, or drop requests for specific services. The BRL-04EX'
firewall also blocks common hacker attacks, including IP Spoofing, Land
Attack, Ping of Death, IP with zero length, Smurf Attack, UDP port
loopback, Snork Attack, TCP null scan, and TCP SYN flooding.
Many advanced applications are provided by the BRL-04EX, such as:
LAN Access
The BRL-04EX provides connectivity to 10/100 Mbps devices, making it
easy to create a network in small offices or homes.
Internet Access
This device supports Internet access through a DSL or cable connection.
Since many DSL providers use PPPoE to establish communications with
end users, the BRL-04EX includes a built-in client for this protocol,
eliminating the need to install this service on your computer.
Shared IP Address
The BRL-04EX shares a single IP address with up to 253 users. Using only
one ISP account, multiple users on your network can simultaneously browse
the Internet.
Virtual Server
If you have a static IP address, you can set up the BRL-04EX to act as a
virtual host for network address translation. Remote users access various
services at your site using the static IP address. Then, depending on the
requested service (or port number), the BRL-04EX routes the request to the
appropriate server (at an internal network IP address). This secures your
network from direct attack by hackers, and provides more flexible
management by allowing you to change internal network IP addresses
without affecting outside access to your network.
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