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Configuring Your Computer with Windows NT 4.0
Step 1. Configure TCP/IP Settings
After you have completed the hardware setup, you need to configure your
computer to connect to your BRL-04EX. You need to determine how your
ISP issues your IP address. Many ISPs issue these numbers automatically
using a networking technology known as Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol, or DHCP. Other ISPs will specify your IP address and associated
numbers, which you must enter manually. This is known as a static or fixed
IP address. How your ISP assigns your IP address determines how you will
configure your computer.
Here is what to do:
1. From the Windows desktop click "Start/ Settings/Control Panel."
2. In the "Command Prompt" window, type "IPCONFIG /RELEASE" and
press the <ENTER> key.
3. Type "IPCONFIG /RENEW" and press the <ENTER> key. Verify that
your IP address is now (2-255), your Subnet Mask is and your Default Gateway is These values
confirm that your BRL-04EX is functioning.
4. Type "EXIT" and press <ENTER> to close the "Command Prompt"
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