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Connect the System
The BLW-04EM can be positioned at any convenient location in your office or
home. No special wiring or cooling requirements are needed. You should,
however comply with the following guidelines:
Keep the BLW-04EM away from any heating devices.
Do not place the BLW-04EM in a dusty or wet environment.
You should also remember to turn off the power, remove the power cord from
the outlet, and keep your hands dry when you install the BLW-04EM.
Basic Installation Procedure
Connect the LAN: You can connect the BLW-04EM to your PC, or to a hub
or switch. Run Ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the back of the
BLW-04EM to your computer’s network adapter or to another network
You may also connect the BLW-04EM to your PC (using a wireless client
adapter) via radio signals. Position both antennas on the back of the
BLW-04EM into the desired positions. For more effective coverage,
position one antenna along the vertical axis and the other antenna along
the horizontal axis. (The antennas emit signals along the toroidal plane –
and thus provide more effective coverage when positioned along alternate
Connect the WAN: Prepare an Ethernet cable for connecting the
BLW-04EM to a cable/DSL modem or Ethernet router.
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