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Before installing the BLW-04EM Broadband Router, verify that you have all the
items listed under “Package Contents.” If any of the items are missing or damaged,
contact your local PCI distributor. Also be sure that you have all the necessary
cabling before installing the BLW-04EM. After installing the BLW-04EM, refer to the
Web-based configuration program in “Configuring the BLW-04EM Router” on page
26 for information on configuring the BLW-04EM.
Package Contents
After unpacking the BLW-04EM Wireless Broadband Router, check the
contents of the box to be sure you have received the following components:
BLW-04EM Broadband Router
Power adapter (specification of the United States)
One CAT-5 Ethernet cable
Four rubber feet
User Manual
Quick Installation Guide
Short Cord
Immediately inform your dealer in the event of any incorrect, missing or
damaged parts. If possible, please retain the carton and original packing
materials in case there is a need to return the product.
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