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1. How come I cannot connect to my USB device to my computer through the USB Net
• Make sure the USB device functions normally when you plug it into your PC via USB cable.
• If the USB device, such as USB printer or multi-function printer, requires a driver, please make sure
you have installed it on the computer you wish to use. Rebooting your PC after installing USB device
driver might also help.
• Although the USB Net ShareStation could work with a very wide spectrum of USB devices, it still
has limited support on some USB devices. Please refer to the supported device list for details.
2. How come I cannot see any servers on my IOGEAR USB Server listing window after
installing it?
Please make sure that all of your USB Net ShareStations are correctly connected to your network.
Also, certain anti-virus programs come with
rewall functions that might prevent the USB Net
ShareStation utility from accessing the network. Please make sure USB Net ShareStation utility is
not being blocked by your anti-virus program.
3. The connected USB devices are disconnected after my PC wakes up from Standby?
The connected devices will automatically be released for other users in case you forget to release
them. Please reconnect the USB devices again after your PC “wakes up.”
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