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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
8. Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP)
8.1 Universal Plug and Play Overview
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a distributed, open networking standard that uses TCP/IP for simple
peer-to-peer network connectivity between devices. An UPnP device can dynamically join a network,
obtain an IP address, convey its capabilities and learn about other devices on the network. In turn, a
device can leave a network smoothly and automatically when it is no longer in use.
8.2 How do I know if I'm using UPnP?
UPnP hardware is identified as an icon in the Network Connections folder (Windows XP). Each UPnP
compatible device installed on your network will appear as a separate icon. Selecting the icon of a
UPnP device will allow you to access the information and properties of that device.
8.3 NAT Traversal
UPnP NAT traversal automates the process of allowing an application to operate through NAT. UPnP
network devices can automatically configure network addressing, announce their presence in the
network to other UPnP devices and enable exchange of simple product and service descriptions. NAT
traversal allows the following:
Dynamic port mapping
Learning public IP addresses
Assigning lease times to mappings
Windows Messenger is an example of an application that supports NAT traversal and UPnP.
See the
Network Address Translation (NAT)
chapter for further information about NAT.
8.4 Cautions with UPnP
The automated nature of NAT traversal applications in establishing their own services may present
network security issues. Network information and configuration may also be obtained and modified by
users in some network environments.
All UPnP-enabled devices may communicate freely with each other without additional configuration.
Disable UPnP if this is not your intention.
UPnP broadcasts are only allowed on the LAN.
See later sections for examples of installing UPnP in Windows XP as well as an example of using
UPnP in Windows.
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