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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
7.6 Maintenance
Go to
Maintenance > Administration
to set a new username and password to restrict management
access to the router. The default for Username and Password are
• New Password:
Type the new password in this field
• Confirm Password:
Type the new password again in this field.
Time Zone
Go to
Maintenance > Time Zone
and select system time as you wish.
Connecting to a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server allows the router to synchronize the
system clock to the global Internet. The synchronized clock in the router is used to record the security
log and control client filtering.
• Synchro
nize time with:
Select the time service protocol that your time server sends when you turn
on the Router.
• Time Zone:
Choose the time zone of your location. This will set the time difference between your time
zone and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
• Daylight
Select this option if you use daylight savings time
• NTP Server Address:
Enter the IP address of your time server. Check with your ISP/network
administrator if you are unsure of this information.
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