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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
(TR-069 function)
Go to
Access Management > CWMP
to setup CWMP parameters.
TR-069 (short for Technical Report 069) is a technical specification entitled CPE WAN Management
Protocol (CWMP). It defines an application layer protocol for remote management of end-user devices.
Enable or Disable TR069 function.
• URL:
Type ACS server’s URL.
• User Name:
Type ACS server login username
• Password:
Type ACS server login password
• Path:
Type the path for Connection request
• Port:
Type the port for Connection request
• Username:
Type username for ACS server to make connection request
• Password:
Type password for ACS server to make connection request
• Periodic inform:
Enable or Disable Periodic inform
• Interval:
interval time of Periodic inform (unit second).
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