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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
Go to
Access Management > SNMP
to setup SNMP feature Simple Network Management Protocol is
used for exchanging management information between network devices.
Get Community:
Select to set the password for the incoming Get and GetNext requests from the
management station.
Set Community:
Select to set the password for incoming Set requests from the management station.
Go to
Access Management > UPnP
to setup Universal Plug-and-Play feature. Please refer to chapter
8 of this manual to setup and configure this function.
• UPnP
Select this checkbox to activate UPnP. Be aware that anyone could use a UPnP application to
open the web configuration's login screen without entering Router's IP address (although you must still
enter the password to access the web configuration).
• Auto configured
Select this check box to allow UPnP-enabled applications to automatically
configure the Router so that they can communicate through the Router, for example by using NAT
traversal, UPnP applications automatically reserve a NAT forwarding port in order to communicate with
another UPnP enabled device; this eliminates the need to manually configure port forwarding for the
UPnP enabled application.
button to save your settings.
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