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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
Go to
Advanced Setup > QoS
to setup QoS features.
Quality of Service (QoS) helps to prioritize data as it enters your router. By attaching special
identification marks or headers to incoming packets, QoS determines which queue the packets enter,
based on priority. This is useful when there are certain types of data you want to give higher priority to,
such as voice data packets given higher priority than Web data packets.
The main goal of QoS is prioritizing incoming data, preventing data loss due to factors such as jitter,
delay and dropping. Another important aspect of QoS is ensuring that prioritizing one data flow doesn’t
interfere with other data flows.
QoS can be toggled Activated and Deactivated. QoS must be activated before you can edit the
following options. When you are done making changes, click on
to save your changes.
Click on
QoS Settings Summary
to view the list of QoS rules that have been added.
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