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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
Static Route
To add a new static route, press the
The static routing function determines the path that router follows over your network before and after it
passes through your router. You can use static routing to allow different IP domain users to access the
Internet through this device.
Destination IP Address:
This is the destination subnet IP address.
IP Subnet Mask:
It is the destination IP addresses based on above destination subnet IP.
Gateway IP Address:
This is the gateway IP address to which packets are to be forwarded.
It represents the cost of transmission for routing purposes. The number need not be precise,
but it must be between 1 and 15.
Announced in RIP:
This parameter determines if the Prestige will include the route to the remote
node in its RIP broadcasts. Set “No”, it is kept private and is not included in RIP broadcasts. Set “Yes”,
the remote node will be propagated to other hosts through RIP broadcasts.
Go to
Advanced Setup>NAT
to setup the NAT features. Network Address Translation (NAT) allows
multiple users at your local site to access the Internet through a single public IP address or multiple
public IP addresses. NAT can also prevent hacker attacks by mapping local addresses to public
addresses for key services such as the Web or FTP.
Virtual Circuit:
VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) and VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier) define a virtual circuit.
There are eight groups of PVC can be defined and used.
NAT Status:
Show the NAT status, Activated or Deactivated.
Number of IPs:
User can select Single or Multiple.
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