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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
WDS Mode:
Check this box to enable WDS function, uncheck it to disable WDS.
Mac Address #1-4:
Configure up to four MAC Address of peer Access point to do WDS.
Wireless MAC Address Filter
For security reason, using MAC Wireless MAC Address Filter creates another level of difficulty to
hacking a network. A Wireless MAC Address Filter is created and distributed to AP so that only
authorized NIC's can connect to the network. While MAC address spoofing is a proven means to
hacking a network this can be used in conjunction with additional security measures to increase the
level of complexity of the network security decreasing the chance of a breach.
MAC addresses can be add/delete/edit from the Wireless MAC Address Filter list depending on the
MAC Access Policy.
If you choose 'Allow Association', only those clients whose wireless MAC addresses are in the access
control list will be able to connect to your Access Point. When 'Deny Association' is selected, these
wireless clients on the list will not be able to connect the Access Point.
• Active:
Check this box to enable Wireless MAC Address Filter,uncheck it to disable Wireless MAC
Address Filter.
To Allow or Deny Association
• Mac Address #1
Configure up to 8 MAC Address of Wireless Client.
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