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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
(DHCP and DNS)
Go to
Interface > LAN
to enable DHCP server. Then you can set DNS server for the router. A Domain
Name system (DNS) server is like an index of IP addresses and Web addresses. If you type a Web
address into you browser, a DNS server will find that name in its index and find the matching IP
Most ISPs provide a DNS server for speed and convenience. Since your Service Provider many
connect to the Internet with dynamic IP settings, it is likely that the DNS server IP addresses are also
provided dynamically. However, if there is a DNS server that you would rather use, you need to specify
the IP address below.
Router Local IP
IP Address:
Enter the IP address of ADSL Router in dotted decimal notation, for example, (factory default).
IP Subnet Mask:
The default is User can change it to other such as
• Dynamic Rou
Select the RIP version from RIP-1, RIP-2B and RIP-2M.
• RIP Direction:
Select the RIP direction from None, Both, In Only and Out Only.
IGMP (Internet Group Multicast Protocol) is a network-layer protocol used to establish
membership in a Multicast group - it is not used to carry user data. The Hamlet HRDSL150W supports
both IGMP version 1 (IGMP-v1) and IGMP-v2. Select None to disable it
IGMP Snoop:
Choose Disable or Enable IGMP Snoop function.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, RFC 2131 and RFC 2132) allows individual clients to
obtain TCP/IP configuration at start-up from a server.
If set to
, your Hamlet HRDSL150W can assign IP addresses, an IP default gateway
and DNS servers to Windows 95, Windows NT and other systems that support the DHCP client.
If set to
, the DHCP server will be disabled.
If set to
, the Hamlet HRDSL150W acts as a surrogate DHCP server and relays DHCP requests
and responses between the remote server and the clients. Enter the IP address of the actual, remote
DHCP server in the Remote DHCP Server field in this case.
When DHCP is used, the following items need to be set.
Starting IP Address:
This field specifies the first of the contiguous addresses in the IP address pool.
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