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Wireless ADSL2
User Manual
• ISP:
Select the encapsulation type your ISP uses from the Encapsulation list. Choices vary depending
on what you select in the Mode field.
Dynamic IP:
Select this option if your ISP provides you an IP address automatically. This option is
typically used for Cable services. Please enter the Dynamic IP information accordingly.
Static IP:
Select this option to set static IP information. You will need to enter in the Connection type,
IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, provided to you by your ISP. Each IP address entered
in the fields must be in the appropriate IP form, which is four IP octets separated by a dot (x.x.x.x). The
Router will not accept the IP address if it is not in this format.
Select this option if your ISP requires you to use a PPPoE connection. This option is
typically used for DSL services. Select Dynamic PPPoE to obtain an IP address automatically for your
PPPoE connection. Select Static PPPoE to use a static IP address for your PPPoE connection. Please
enter the information accordingly.
Bridge Mode:
Bridge mode is a common connection method used for xDSL modem.
• User Name:
Enter the user name exactly as your ISP assigned.
• Password:
Enter the password associated with the user name above.
• Encapsulation:
select Bridge in the Mode field, select either PPPoA or RFC 1483.
select Routing in the Mode field, select PPPoA, RFC 1483, ENET ENCAP or PPPoE.
Multiplex: Select the method of multiplexing used by your ISP. Choices are VC or LLC.
• Bridge interface:
The Bridge mode can only be used when a single IP address has been assigned
by the ISP. It is used when the use of NAT is not desired and there is a single computer attached to the
• Connection:
The schedule rule(s) have priority over your Connection settings.
Always on:
Select Always on Connection when you want your connection up all the time.
Connect on Demand:
Select Connect on Demand when you don't want the connection up all the time
and specify an idle time-out in the Max Idle Timeout field.
• TCP MSS Option:
Enter the TCP Maximum Segment Size (MSS)
• Get
IP Address:
Choose Static or Dynamic
• Static IP Address:
Enter the IP address of ADSL Router in dotted decimal notation, for example, (factory default).
• IP Subnet Mask:
The default is User can change it to other such as the
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