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108M Wireless Router User Guide
click "WAN" submenu. On the WAN page, select “Dynamic IP” for "WAN
Connection Type", finish by clicking “Save”.
Some ISPs require that you register the MAC Address of your adapter, which is
connected to your cable or DSL modem during installation. If your ISP requires
MAC register, login to the router and click the "Network" menu link on the left of
your browser, and then click "MAC Clone" submenu link. On the "MAC Clone"
page, if your PC’s MAC address is proper MAC address, click the "Clone MAC
Address" button and your PC’s MAC address will fill in the "WAN MAC
Address" field. Or else, type the MAC Address into the "WAN MAC Address"
field. The format for the MAC Address is XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX. Then click the
"Save" button. It will take effect after rebooting.
Figure A-3
MAC Clone
I want to use Netmeeting, what do I need to do?
If you start Netmeeting as a sponsor, you don’t need to do anything with the
If you start as a responsor, you need configure Virtual Server or DMZ Host.
How to configure Virtual Server: Login to the router, click the “Forwarding”
menu on the left of your browser, and click "Virtual Servers" submenu. On the
"Virtual Server" page, click
Add New,
then on the “Add or Modify a Virtual
Server” page,
enter “1720” into the blank behind the “Service Port”, and your
IP address behind the IP Address, assuming for an example,
remember to “Enable” and “Save”.
Figure A-4
Virtual Servers