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108M Wireless Router User Guide
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For example, if you want to block the PCs on your LAN to access websites
and websites with .net in the end on the Internet
while no limit for other websites, you should specify the following Domain filtering list:
5.8.4. MAC Filtering
Like the IP Address Filtering page, the MAC Address Filtering page (shown in figure 5-
37) allows you to control access to the Internet by users on your local network based on
their MAC Address.
Figure 5-37
MAC address Filtering
Before setting up MAC Filtering entries, you must ensure that
Firewall and
MAC Filtering have been selected on the Firewall page. To Add a MAC Address
filtering entry, clicking the
Add New…
button. The page "
Add or Modify a MAC
Address Filtering entry
" will appear, shown in figure 5-38:
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