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5.23 What is Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Size?
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) indicates the network stack of any packet is larger than this value will be fragmented
before the transmission. During the PPP negotiation, the peer of the PPP connection will indicate its MRU and will be ac-
cepted. The actual MTU of the PPP connection will be set to the
smaller one of MTU and the peer’s MRU.
5.24 What is Clone MAC Address?
Clone MAC address is designed for your special application that request the clients to register to a server machine with one
identified MAC address. Since that all the clients will communicate outside world through the WLAN Broadband Router,
so have the cloned MAC address set on the WLAN Broadband Router will solve the issue.
5.25 What is DDNS?
DDNS is the abbreviation of Dynamic Domain Name Server. It is designed for user owned the DNS server with dynamic
WAN IP address.
5.26 What is NTP Client?
NTP client is designed for fetching the current timestamp from Internet via Network Time protocol. User can specify time
zone, NTP server IP address.
5.27 What is VPN?
VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. It is designed for creating point-to point private link via shared or pub-
lic network.
5.28 What is IPSEC?
IPSEC is the abbreviation of IP Security. It is used to transferring data securely under VPN.
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