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RTS Threshold
The RTS threshold determines the packet size at which the radio issues a request to send (RTS) be-
fore sending the packet. A low RTS Threshold setting can be useful in areas where many client de-
vices are associating with the device, or in areas where the clients are far apart and can detect only
the device and not each other. You can enter a setting ranging from 0 to 2347 bytes.
TX Power
The default TX power is 100%. In case of shortening the distance and the coverage of the wireless
network, input a smaller value to reduce the radio transmission power. For example, input 80 to ap-
ply 80% Tx power.
Short Preamble
Default: Disable. It is a performance parameter for 802.11 b/g mode and not supported by some of
very early stage of 802.11b station cards. If there is no such kind of stations associated to this AP,
you can enable this function.
Short Slot
It is used to shorten the communication time between this AP and station.
TX Burst
The device will try to send a serial of packages with single ACK reply from the clients. Enable this
function to apply it.
Country Code
Select the country code for wireless from pull down menu.
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