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Beacon Interval
Beacons are the packets sending by Access point to synchronize the wireless network. The beacon
interval is the time interval between beacons sending by this unit in AP or AP+WDS operation. The
default and recommended beacon interval is 100 milliseconds.
Data Beacon
This is the Delivery Traffic Indication Map. It is used to alert the clients that multicast and broadcast
packets buffered at the AP will be transmitted immediately after the transmission of this beacon
frame. You can change the value from 1 to 255. The AP will check the buffered data according to
this value. For example, selecting “1” means to check the buffered data at every beacon.
The fragmentation threshold determines the size at which packets are fragmented (sent as several
pieces instead of as one block). Use a low setting in areas where communication is poor or where
there is a great deal of radio interference. This function will help you to improve the network per-
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