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IP Address
The default IP address is
Subnet Mask
Please enter the Subnet Mask address
Default Gateway
Please enter the Default Gateway address for LAN interface.
Click to select
Disabled, Client
in different operation mode
of LAN access point.
DHCP Client Range
Fill in the start IP address and end IP address to allocate a range of IP
addresses; client with DHCP function set will be assigned an IP
address from the range
Static DHCP
Configures how static DHCP address are assigned to client (only
available when DHCP server is enabled)
Device Name
Configures the device name of the router.
802.1d Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1d
Spanning Tree Protocol
) is a link layer network
protocol that ensures a loop-free topology for any bridged LAN, This
function is optional.
Clone MAC Address
If your ISP asks you to enter a specific MAC Address, please input the
correct info at the column.
Apply Changes & Reset
Click on
Apply Changes
to save the setting data. Or you may click on
to clear all the input data.
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